"Luxury Pieces of Wood"

Our mission is designing and creating

high quality products from single pieces of wood,

which impart the softness and warmth of wood.

(Truffle Server Set “OurHills” on Alba TruffleSlicer Base)

"Unique Design"

VmGuarene design is refined and sinuous.

Each line has its own flair and creativity

making it unique and unrepeatable.

(“SiWave”, Abrigo F.lli cellar, Italy)

"Tailor Made"

Our custom-made product

is based on the needs and ambitions of our Client

("Grév", Michele Viano Cellar, Italy)

"Made in Italy"

All production phases are carried out in Italy

with the help of skilled craftsmen

and specialised workshops.

("MultiGrape", The Wine Bank - Italy)

"Refined by hand"

Our principal resource is man himself.

All products are meticulously hand-finished.

("Millecavalli" Table, Mazzanti Automobili - Italy )

"Wine and Truffle Lovers"

A profound love

for truffles and great wines 

is reflected in the design and philosophy

of our products.

("Gourmet Truffle slicer" - Italy)